phillips 66 ugas station

Why We Use Phillips 66 Gasoline

What’s in a name like Phillips 66? One word…quality.

When you drive down any major highway in St. Louis, there are a number of other gasoline choices available. As a consumer, they may all seem the same, but we guarantee they are not.

Years ago, when U-Gas was founded, we had a choice. What gasoline should we carry? The answer was obvious…we only wanted the best…we only wanted Phillips 66.

Today, we stand by the Phillips 66 brand of gasoline. By using Phillips 66 gasoline, you are using the very best available. Why? Phillips 66 gasoline contains over two times more detergent additive than the EPA mandate. That means increased engine performance, better gas mileage and lower emissions – your car will drive more like the day you drove off the lot.

So, head for the big red shield of Phillips 66, and trust that U-Gas has chosen the best gasoline for your car.


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