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Why Getting a Regular Car Wash is Important

“Some rain every few days, shouldn’t keep the car wash way.” For many of us, a car wash is not a priority. It is something we do before going somewhere nice, or after a snow fall. The truth is, getting a regular car wash will improve the performance of your car…your car’s exterior that is.

We seem to only think about cars in terms of engines, exhaust and other vital pieces. The exterior takes a back seat after we purchase our car. But, when you picked out your car, what was the thing that attracted you to it? I doubt it was the interior!

You get tune ups for your engine, and a car wash is a tune up for your exterior. Paint sealer is the first, and last defense your car has against rust and chipping. Debris like sap, tar and bird poop will begin to break down your sealer. And seriously, who hasn’t gotten these on your car?

By washing your car regularly, you can reduce the amount of time these items are exposed to your paint. And by doing so, you are preserving the exterior of your vehicle, and its resale value.

When you get a car wash from U-Gas it will include:

  • Undercarriage Wash
  • Side Blasters
  • Wheel Scrub (some locations)
  • Tri Colored Soap
  • Clear Coat
  • Spot Free Rinse (some locations)
  • Thrust Pro Dryer

And finally, the frequency all depends on the mileage you drive. Keep a close eye on the amount of dirt and debris on your car’s exterior. Once it starts to build, it’s time to go to U-Gas!!!

Find a U-Gas car wash near you.

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