What’s In a Gas Grade?

Remember back when you were in school? A 90 was an A, an 85 was a B, and well we won’t talk about those lower grades…because our customers wouldn’t know anything about that!!!

Grades of gas are very similar. The higher the grade, the better it does for your car. (Kind of like acing a test.) Gas is graded on a standard of measurement called octane. You may have noticed these last time you were filling up at a St. Louis gas station. They are usually posted on the pump. At U-Gas Phillips 66, we use three grades – 87, 89 and 92.

By using a higher octane, you get two benefits, increased miles per gallon and engine cleaning. Higher miles per gallon come from increased compression that the gas can withstand before detonating. In layman’s terms, that’s more bang for your buck. You may pay more initially, but you’ll notice a longer time period between fill ups.

And there is more to your gas…than well…the gas. At U-Gas, our gas has special additives from Conoco Phillips. And the higher the grade, the more additive. Now an additive isn’t like the filler in your cheeseburger, it’s like a bonus because our additive cleans your engine with every fill up.

When you fill up with “just any type” of gas, your engine will develop deposits. Those deposits will slowly break down your engine. The first area impacted will be the intake valves. During the intake process, deposits on the intake valve will absorb fuel. Over time this will reduce fuel economy.

Second, additives help with acceleration. Deposits on the fuel injectors will impact the fuel flow, disturbing the fuel-air mixture and leading to a loss of power. This can be the difference between getting up to speed on the highway, and struggling into traffic.

The final reason to choose a higher octane fuel is because excessive deposits on fuel injectors will increase emissions. And as we know in St. Louis, emission tests and keeping our air clean is of high importance.

If this information is all new to you, we have good news: Our gas will reduce these problems in only FIVE fill ups. So, next time you are cruising near empty, look for U-Gas to keep you going!!! We have 19 St. Louis area locations. Don’t forget when you pay with cash, you save 5 cents per gallon of gas.

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