Automated Car Wash

Save time, let us do the work! 15 U-Gas locations are built with advanced Ryko car wash equipment. Just drive up, and drive out – that’s all it takes. Car Washes can be purchased at the coin box, inside the store or at the pump.

If you plan to return for multiple washes, why not save more with U-Gas? We will give you $80 worth of car washes for only $55. Just come inside and ask a team member for details!

Here’s what a U-Gas car wash entails:

  • Undercarriage Wash
  • Side Blasters
  • Wheel Scrub (some locations)
  • Tri Colored Soap
  • Clear Coat
  • Spot Free Rinse (some locations)
  • Thrust Pro Dryer

A U-Gas car wash isn’t far away, in fact we are right down the street. Find your nearest U-Gas car wash!