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St. Louis Careers: Join the U-Gas Family with an Exciting Opportunity

Jobs may not grow on trees, but we have some great opportunities at U-Gas! If you did not know, U-Gas is locally owned and operated meaning there is plenty of opportunity for St. Louis careers. Don’t believe us? We’ll see if this convinces you. Here’s the top 5 reasons to start a career with U-Gas: We Have Fun – Seriously, […]

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What’s In a Gas Grade?

Remember back when you were in school? A 90 was an A, an 85 was a B, and well we won’t talk about those lower grades…because our customers wouldn’t know anything about that!!! Grades of gas are very similar. The higher the grade, the better it does for your car. (Kind of like acing a test.) Gas is graded on […]

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2013 Filler Up Pump Cling 1000

Best Food in St. Louis: Any sandwich, any chips, and fountain drink

Great food on the go. Is that an oxymoron? Some would say YES, and to those we would say, “Have you tried GiGi’s Café Express? If you have not, this is the perfect time. Right now, at any U-Gas location you can try any sandwich, plus a Frito-Lay or GiGi’s fresh chips, and receive a FREE fountain drink! For the […]

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