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Best Food in St. Louis: Any sandwich, any chips, and fountain drink

Great food on the go. Is that an oxymoron?

Some would say YES, and to those we would say, “Have you tried GiGi’s Café Express? If you have not, this is the perfect time. Right now, at any U-Gas location you can try any sandwich, plus a Frito-Lay or GiGi’s fresh chips, and receive a FREE fountain drink!

For the uninitiated, GiGi’s Café Express is not only the best food in the business, it is also some of the best food in St. Louis. Prepared daily in a state-of-the-art USDA approved commissary in Fenton, your food from U-Gas is local and guaranteed fresh.

See, GiGi was not created on an artist’s sketchpad or a marketer’s whiteboard. GiGi is an actual person. (truthfully!) She cares for her family, and wants her loved ones to eat the best food possible.

You may never meet our GiGI, but we are willing to bet there is someone in your life very similar to her…and that is the inspiration for our food.

You are on the go, and you need delicious, great tasting sandwiches, wraps and salads to fit your lifestyle! No matter the occasion, or time of day, let GiGi’s Café Express wow and amaze you.

We have everything from fresh breakfast sandwiches, to tasty treats like parfaits! Get your first taste of GiGi’s Café Express by taking part in our “any sandwich, any chips, and fountain drink promotion.” Remember, we have 19 St. Louis area locations, so a fresh and delicious alternative is always just around the corner.

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