• As you enter one of our 19 area stores, you'll be gently overwhelmed with comfort, ease, fun and cleanliness.
  • U-Gas employees are friendly, courteous and care deeply about the experiences you have inside of our stores. We pride ourselves on our family-friendly atmosphere.
  • We are truly your neighbors and your friends. U-Gas has been a fixture in St. Louis since 1977, always bringing a little something extra to the customer.

More Than a Gas Station

If you want gas, we have that. If you want more…then you’ve come to the right place. U-Gas is not your typical c-store, we are your home away from home. Our locations are clean, inviting and always nearby.

When we say, “U Save at U-Gas,” we mean it. Whether you’re stopping by for a soda, or saving 5 cents per gallon when paying cash for your gas – U-Gas will save you time and money.

Discover the U-Gas difference and learn what we mean by Fast & Friendly, Fresh & Fun.

A Bit About Us

Providing Fast & Friendly service in a Fresh & Fun environment is the cornerstone of U-Gas since 1977.

Today, we have 19 stores in the St. Louis area. U-Gas mixes typical c-store offerings with our made fresh daily, GiGi’s Café Express.

An industry leader, U-Gas still embraces the four core values put into effect by founder Paul Taylor. Those are Fast & Friendly, Fresh & Fun. We strive so that every customer has the experience they envisioned. Come to U-Gas and see the difference, we have the best team of customer oriented employees in the industry!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide Fast service at the register so you don’t have to wait in line too long.

Friendly means we are not robots. We actually get to know our customers and think of them as friends.

We emphasize clean stores with a Fresh offering that is unique to the industry. And, we tell our employees that they should have Fun while at work. Make it enjoyable and Fun for the customer and their job will be Fun. Why go anywhere else?!